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6 Week Tarot Master Class
Private, one on one instruction via Zoom
6 one hour sessions; $350

Are you ready to take a deep dive into learning tarot and begin your journey to truly master it?

This private, one on one course goes over everything taught in our 101 course, plus so much more! Learn about how symbolism, numerology, and the elements can tie into a reading to give you even deeper information, how the position of different figures can be telling, how to design an informative spread, and more! We'll also take a look at individual cards and their many meanings in different situations.

This class is for all levels of development, and everyone is welcome.

You will receive a copy of class notes for your reference before class. Please have a deck of your choosing handy for some hands on practice. We will be using Rider Waite Smith based decks for this class, not Thoth or Marseilles. If you are not sure which tradition your deck is based in, message me. Usually, if they do not say specifically Thoth or Marseilles on the package, their imagery and symbolism is based on Rider Waite Smith.

Classes and workshops are for ages 18+ only. For legal purposes, readings and classes are for entertainment purposes only.

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