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Meet Kristina

Evidential Medium and Psychic Reader

Kristina is the middle daughter from a moderately sized family, but as a child she noticed she was a bit different from her siblings. She didn't feel comfortable in certain rooms, would hear people call her name, watched strangers walk around the house that no one else saw, and absolutely refused to be in dark rooms alone. Unsure what else to do, her parents started monitoring the books she read and any movies or television she watched, figuring that her experiences must just be a product of an overactive imagination coupled with scary stories. Nothing helped, and the experiences continued.

As an adult, she spent years trying to bury her abilities, but eventually chose to embrace them instead. She left the corporate world behind and turned her attention to developing her gifts.

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And now you are here

Kristina has helped hundreds of clients connect with their passed loved ones, discover their guides, tap into their spiritual gifts, and find much needed guidance from tarot and psychic readings. She's ready to help you, too. 

Whether you are looking to speak to a lost friend or family member, seek the wise counsel of your guide(s), learn more about developing your own mediumship, or wish to have an in-depth, honest tarot reading, Kristina is here for you.

Click below to start your journey.

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