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Mediumship Workshop
Private, one on one instruction via Zoom
1.5-2 Hours; $150

Have you every felt you were a bit different than those around you? Were you the first to notice strange happenings in your home, feel an unexplainable avoidance to certain places, or remember people calling your name as a child when no one was there? You may have natural medium abilities that you are being called to develop.

Anyone can learn mediumship skills with practice, patience, and insight. Regardless of where you are on your journey, you are welcome at this one on one, private workshop.

During your workshop, we will go over such important topics as the kinds of spirits you are likely to run into, the transition process for those that have passed, how to connect to spirits without the use of physical tools, troubles with connections, and more. Your workshop also includes a printable booklet of the information we will be discussing during your workshop.


At the end of the workshop, we will work together on connecting with spirits with an informal, no-pressure practice session. 

Classes and workshops are for ages 18+ only. For legal purposes, readings and classes are for entertainment purposes only.

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