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Help! I think my house is haunted!
20-30 Minutes; $45

Have you been feeling uncomfortable in your home? Hearing footsteps, feelings of being watched, or seeing shadows? Did your keys or remote go missing...again?!

In this reading, I'll be remotely exploring your home and problem areas over Zoom. Please make sure you schedule for a time and date where you will be in the haunted location.


(Don't worry, I'm not going to judge that you have a pile of unfolded laundry, toys on the floor, and dishes in the sink. We're all living messy, imperfect human lives.)

We will explore who is there, why, and if there's anything to be concerned about. 

If you have any captured evidence you would like me to review, please submit it a minimum of 48 hours prior to our session.

Readings are for ages 18+ only. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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