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Psychic Reading
30 Minutes; $48

Life can be chaotic and messy, and sometimes you just need a little extra guidance. I approach every reading with compassion, understanding, and from a position of non-judgement.


This reading is multi-modality, and depending on the issues and questions you have, may include a combination of the following:​

  • Psychic downloads or obtaining information using the "clairs" (clairsentience, claircognizance, etc)

  • Guidance from tarot or oracle cards

  • Crystal ball scrying

  • Spirit guide communication

  • Additional information from your spirit team

For legal and ethical reasons, all questions are allowed except the following:

  • Legal questions (such as court cases and crimes)

  • Health questions, including pregnancies

  • Spying on the lives of a third party that is not present (i.e., "Is Harry in love with Sally?")

All readings are conducted live via Zoom. One client per session, please.

Readings are for ages 18+ only. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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