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Evidential Medium and Psychic 

Kristina English

Connecting you to loved ones, guides and spiritual paths

Find closure. Find guidance. Develop your gifts.

Meet Kristina

Evidential Medium and Psychic Reader

Kristina has helped hundreds of clients in their journey for closure, peace, and guidance. She provides a safe, compassionate, one-on-one virtual atmosphere where people of all walks are welcomed and valued.

As an evidential medium, Kristina will provide unique and "ungoogleable" pieces of information to confirm the spirit she is speaking to, deliver messages, and facilitate a conversation between you and your loved one.

Kristina also specializes in connecting you to your spirit guide(s), teaching classes on mediumship development, tarot reading, tarot classes, and is a Certified Tarot Advisor.

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I had the most amazing experience. Way more than my expectations. Kristina is clearly 100% client focused when it comes to giving you all of herself. I could tell my dad was there with us by the way she was talking with him, capturing his jovial demeanor perfectly.

- Karen D.

This was my first experience with a medium and I’m so glad to have found Kristina... Speaking with her brought me so much comfort...She definitely touched on things that there’s no way she would have known unless she was truly speaking with my mamaw. I came into this a tad bit skeptical but hopeful and left feeling even more hopeful and now so happy. I can’t wait to have another session in the future! Thank you so much ❤️

- Rebecca

Absolutely amazing! And very insightful. It was wonderful getting the closure I needed.

- Caitlin

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